New rules for grain exports

According to the European Commission’s decision, Ukraine is introducing an export verification procedure for four key crops: wheat, rapeseed, corn and sunflower, addressing this decision to five neighboring EU countries. Ukraine’s Minister of Agrarian Policy M. Solsky announced this at a meeting with the ministers of agriculture of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

According to the new rules, Ukraine will issue licenses for the export of agricultural crops within 30 days of receiving an application for export, and at that time will inform the European Commission and the authorities of the respective country of the receipt of the application. This decision was approved by the Ukrainian government, and exports to these countries are now possible only after approval.

This export mechanism, which requires coordination with neighboring countries, is recognized as the most understandable and constructive, as it takes into account the interests of all parties. Ukraine has already sent proposals on the operation of this mechanism to neighboring countries and is awaiting a response, but so far only Romania has officially responded.

Minister Solsky expressed his gratitude to the neighboring countries for their willingness to find constructive solutions despite the difficult circumstances. Productive negotiations and dialogue are considered key to resolving this situation and ensuring stability in the agricultural sector of all countries.

As a reminder, after 15 September, the European Commission lifted the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. However, this decision has led to changes in transit routes, and now 60% of all agricultural products from Ukraine pass through Romania, using the ports of the Danube and Constanta. European Commissioner for Transport Adina Veljan expressed hope for an increase in transit to 4 million tonnes per month, but noted that not all capacities are fully utilized and there are various reasons for this situation.