Sunflower, rapeseed and soybean harvest report in Ukraine

On September 21, Ukraine had harvested 37.4 million tons of new crops, including key crops:

1. Rapeseed was harvested from an area of 1.396 million hectares with a yield of 2.87 tonnes/hectare, for a total production of 4.003 million tonnes.
2. Sunflower was harvested from an area of 1.089 million hectares with a yield of 2.18 tonnes per hectare, for a production of 2.375 million tonnes.
3. Soybeans were harvested from an area of 504 thousand hectares with a yield of 2.52 tonnes per hectare, and its production totaled 1.271 million tonnes.

It is important to note that sunflower is harvested by farmers from all regions of Ukraine, except for the occupied Luhansk region.

Current prices are affected by several factors, including underfunding, farmers’ volume strategies, tolling projects and DAP (delivery to plant) and destination sales.

Destinations that import agricultural products from Ukraine are beginning to worry about covering their needs and are trying to secure volumes from different origins.

It is worth noting that the attack on the Orlivka border crossing on 25 September slowed down container traffic between Ukraine and Romania. There are also problems with 20-foot containers due to oil and grain exports. European Union ports are under heavy load and October cargo is of particular interest.

The situation in China and the European Union is worrying. The issues of agricultural exports between Ukraine and the EU remain relevant. Supply in the mixed feed market is also expected to increase due to high processing margins. Demand for sunflower oil remains high, and buyers are purchasing products until December. The premium for refined oil also remains high as demand exceeds supply.

More affordable sunflower oil is affecting the soybean and palm oil complexes. However, the situation may change next month due to Russia’s diesel export restrictions.